Sea of words

I swim in a sea of words only a handful of people understand. They make sense to me, because I have an embodied feeling of what they mean, but how can I describe this to others without this knowing through doing.

I feel that my key challenges at the moment is to link together and explain the relation between the rhetoric and the performing process, which for me forms a unity in interpretation. I feel that the contextualization has been and is still demanding, especially because so much of the performing work is based on internalized tacit knowing which we don’t normally make explicit and is difficult to verbalize. This also concerns embodiment, intuition and affect. I have been looking into phenomenology to find tools to describe my work, and the contemporary affect theories are also interesting even though I’m finding it a challenge in itself to understand Gilles Deleuze….

At the same time it is a challenge how to form the reflection explaining my interpretational method and how I can use this, relating to the rhetoric rules or feet in verse or prosody.

Then the next challenge will be to sort the material I’m gathering into conclusions and finding in retrospection what is most important.

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