Composers and works

Contemporary music encompasses great amounts of different kinds of music and styles, also including music that is not supposed to be interpreted. I have limited my project to present and interpret contemporary works by Norwegian and Nordic composers who represent different aesthetical perspectives, but who come from a tradition of western composed and written classical music. The commissioned works, both in performance and written form, are a part of the project documentation, and will be complemented by this web publication, with documentation and critical reflections. I play concerts nationally and internationally, and present the works at different stages in the process. The main composers in the project are: Lene Grenager, Jon Øivind Bylund Ness, Nils Henrik Asheim, Ellen Lindquist and Karin Rehnqvist. I will cooperate with the composers in the composing process without asking for ”rhetorically composed” music, but I have been open for their comments on my interpretation of their work. I have had a close cooperation with all the composers, even though the process with each is always different.