Marianne Baudouin Lie er stipendiat i kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid ved NTNU Institutt for musikk. Hun er cellist, kammermusiker og aktiv i Alpaca Ensemble og Trondheim Sinfonietta. Sin utdannelse som også inkluderer barokkcello, komposisjon og en mastergrad i kammermusikk, har hun fått ved Royal College of Music i London, Musikhögskolan i Göteborg, Barratt- Dues Musikkinstitutt og NTNU Musikkonservatoriet. Hun er en pådriver for samtidsmusikk og jobber gjerne på tvers av genre. Hun har vært leder for Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition og er styreleder for Trondheim Sinfonietta. Hennes diskografi inneholder flere utgivelser med samtidsmusikk og crossover prosjekter med Alpaca Ensemble, Trondheim Sinfonietta, Trondheim Jazzorkester og Trondheimsolistene.


As a result of the four-year artistic research project, I arranged a mini-festival with three concerts representing different aspects of my musical practice and artistic achievements. These three concerts represent some of the works from the project as well as showing a timeline of my musical development of experimentation, from the more classical type of work “Concerto with orchestra”, to…

Karin Rehnqvist: In Orbit

A collective consciousness, can feel like a dissolution of the boundaries between musicians, which connected us in one single feeling of flow. British anthropologist Victor Turner explains this as communitas, creating a mutual understanding and melting boundaries in a spontaneous communication. Turner says that those who “interact with one another in the mode of spontaneous communitas become totally absorbed into…

2 June 2014

Practice blog with reflections on Khipukamayuk I try to practice more effectively. Try to go past beyond physical thinking. Fingerings and such have to be in order, but as soon as possible I try to let the body take control. Still it does take time practicing, and I try to focus in the right way to be more efficient and…

1 August 2014

Working on presence and embodiment in Khipukamayuk   I try to keep contact in the body, and feeling the body balancing while I play. The tone starts form inside, with an impuls, anchored in the body. It is alive, and the body decides. I can feel the energy and the intonation of each tone.