Klassisk musikkmagasin October 2016

Review of Khipukamayuk in Klassisk Musikkmagasin


Of all the records in the pile, the new recording with cello-music by Lene Grenager was the one I was most looking forward to hear. Grenager is one of Norways most dynamic composers.  because she is a cellist herself she knows the instrument practically from the innside. There is a new concerto here too: Khipukamayuk (which according to Grenager website means: The one who can read the knots; 2012) – a remarkable, atmospheric animation of the Inca’s special knot writing in the 1400-1500s. It is written to Marianne Lie, who plays with great virtuosity (skilfully accompanied by Trondheim Sinfonietta), and shows what she is capable of in the two unaccompanied pieces. Tryllesangen (1998) is music originally from a children’s piece, while Prelude, Sarabande & Gig (2011) is a pendant to Bach’s 5. Cellosuite, with a subtitle that sheds light on each single piece: The Gorge, The Plunge and Devil’s Den.