June 2014 Workshop with Alwynne Pritchard, for performance of Hospice Lazy in November, Alpaca Ensemble

We have worked several days with Alwynne. She creates workshops from the theme she wants us to explore. She asks us to try many unusual and often tricky approaches to playing and performing. We develop new approaches based on physical exercises and breathing practices drawn from yoga and Butoh (among other things). This time we have been exploring the body, and our relation to our instruments.

Every day started with a Yin Yoga session, just to get into the right frame of mind.

  • Play how you feel now.

We play and feel the energy and tension created by this special atmosphere. We experiment with the body touching our instruments, as if for the first time. Through touch, bow and body, keeping in contact with our breathing. Even using the breathing as timing exercises.

From there we visualize how we could have an inner feeling for the instrument, or experimenting with sensing energy going inwards, and outwards. Relating it to breathing. We also explore what kind of music we create if we focus on movements creating sound, the sound being a by-product of the movement. This is such a different mindset, but it is very interesting to feel the difference. She recorded everything, and will compose some of the piece with recordings of us improvising.

She will also send us texts and inspiration regularly, on vitality forms, energy and things related to our project. I see that this visualization and use of energy is very relevant to the other work I do.